A diverse portfolio

Nelson Investments makes early stage investments in local companies.

Technology Investments


Investment Date: February 2020

Tzoa started with a mission to improve planetary health and deliver clean air to all. Their product, Haven, has evolved from an indoor air quality monitor into an ecosystem that not only tracks the air, but provides actionable insights and uses your HVAC system to improve the homes air quality. Tzoa aims to develop solutions that can be retrofitted into existing homes, and to maximize the health potential of every home. To date, they achieved improvements upwards of 90% for indoor air quality in many homes and they believe they can do better.


Investment Date: December 2019

ehsAI is a next wave compliance technology company that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help organizations reduce the costs and risks of permitting and compliance. ehsAI is committed to integrity, diversity and innovation in all its transactions and developing disruptive solutions that transform environmental, health and safety and compliance management for business. ehsAI services the technology, manufacturing, energy, chemical, construction and retail industries.


Investment Date: December 2019

OneComply is a leading innovator of compliance and governance management for state-regulated sectors. They support fast growth by providing intelligent solutions that reduce cost, resources and time to market. OneComply utilizes decades of experience in state-regulated industries, developing the most efficient and secure ways to help business scale by allowing for a more efficient way to create jurisdictional license applications. Customers vary from high growth start-ups to established enterprises.


Investment Date: September 2019

Honeycomb is an ingredient, allergen, and dietary prediction for restaurant menu items. Their app helps people with dietary needs find suitable food to eat in restaurants. For restaurants, Honeycomb helps automate dietary requests by digitizing ingredient, allergen and diet information and showcasing it to customers who need it most. Honeycomb uses its AI to predict key ingredients, allowing restaurants to simply verify outputs rather than classify menu items from scratch.

Iris Automation, Ltd.

Investment Date: March 2016

Iris Automation has developed collision-avoidance software (Casia) which allows drones to see the world as a pilot does. By unlocking safe beyond visual line of site flights, Iris Automation technology will enable thousands of companies to increase safety and efficiency in their day-day-work.


Investment Date: October 2017

Dooly is a real-time, cloud-based playbook for closers. It seamlessly syncs notes to Salesforce automatically updating opportunities. The software can feed sales relevant talking points during a call based on the flow of the conversation. It aligns sales and marketing by allowing sales to access the content they need in real-time from marketing and provide live feedback to help marketing understand what is and isn't delivering results.

Novarc Technologies

Investment Date: December 2018

Novarc Technologies developed the world’s first collaborative welding robot called a Pipe Spool Welding Robot (SWR). The SWR dramatically boosts productivity and shop capacity for fabricators and welders. The use of automation delivers superb quality and improves welder ergonomics.


Investment Date: December 2017

Netskrt technology enables a business to maximize the value of its broadband service by allowing customers to stream their favourite over-the-top media through an existing wifi system without increasing its broadband data charges. Instead of a business incurring the costs of VOD licensing, content can be accessed through customers' direct subscriptions.


Investment Date: June 2019

Nelson Investments Inc. became involved in the early stages of the formation of Stable. It is a Vancouver based company that connects small businesses with experienced local sales support to automate their outbound sales prospecting and customer campaigns. Stable enables businesses to save time, eliminate sales cycle friction and grow more efficiently.

Fatigue Science

Investment Date: February 2015

Fatigue Science combines wearable tech with biomathematical science from the US Army Research Lab to offer insight into fatigue measurement, prediction and analysis solutions. The company is at the forefront of providing accurate and reliable fatigue scoring and predictions to industrial workforce, professional sports teams and military personnel. It empowers individuals and organizations around the world to be healthier, safer and perform at higher levels.

Local Investments


Investment Date: May 2020

Fable is a direct-to-consumer dinnerware lifestyle brand for millennials. They partner with artisans from around the world who commit to exceptional craftsmanship with the best materials, sustainable practices and ethical employment. Fable creates their products in small batches to ensure their excellence because they believe firmly in quality over quality.

Tractor Foods

Investment Date: March 2019

Tractor Everyday Healthy Foods is a family-owned business passionate about creating fresh, healthy and delicious food that is convenient. Tractor opened its first restaurant in 2013 and currently operates seven stores (six in Vancouver and one in Toronto). Nelson Investments Inc. is excited about the growth opportunity as Tractor continues to build on its momentum opening new stores and investing in digital initiatives.

Shelter Point

Investment Date: August 2019

The company produces exceptional handcrafted artisanal spirits. Shelter Point was established in 2011 and is located on 380 acres near Campbell River, BC, about halfway up the eastern coast of Vancouver Island. Shelter Point has skilled craftspeople that use traditional Scottish distilling methods and a state-of-the-art facility. The result is a world-class distillery that produces whiskey, vodka, gin and sunshine liqueur.