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2254 Cornwall Avenue.


Joan Court or 2254 Cornwall Ave. was originally constructed in 1956. The building has been front and centre of some amazing times in Vancouver and Kitsilano's history.

Gordon Nelson's first investment in Kitsilano, 2254 Cornwall Avenue was acquired in December 2010. Gordon Nelson successfully worked with tenants to allow for the restoration of the building. Gordon Nelson commenced work at the building in the spring of 2011. The building originally contained one, two and three bedroom units. Investments were made in life safety and structural upgrades and greenhouse gas emission reductions and other revitalizations to bring this 55 year old apartment building up to date.

Restoration & Renovation

Gordon Nelson completed major investments in 2254 Cornwall Ave. during 2011. Investments were made in life safety, environmental, structural integrity and modernization of units. In addition, excess storage, laundry and boiler room space was converted into new leasable space and the penthouse was expanded by 300 sqft and the deck increased by 500 sqft.

Starting with the exterior, the entire east wall was repaired: failed stucco removed, rotted structural timber replaced, new closed cell spray foam insulation, rain screening and stucco added. The new insulation meets the strict City of Vancouver green requirements of R-22 (more than a 60% improvement over the original insulation).

In addition, the entire buildings' single glazed windows were replaced with new Milgard Tuscany double glazed low-e filled windows more than doubling their energy efficiency. The windows all also contain sound rated glass. Ground floor unit windows were also upgraded with laminated glass for security and safety of tenants and the beach facing windows were increased in size by 33% to allow more light in and to showcase the park, beach, ocean and mountain views. The exterior was also repainted.

The two front ground floor units received doors for added life safety (second exit in case of an emergency) with the added benefit of outside space in the form of 200 sqft patios. Finally the entire roofer was upgraded with a new two-ply torch on membrane and flashing.

On the interior, the common areas were re-configured in order to provide improved life safety. In order to meet current safety standards new fire rated doors were added throughout providing more exit options and safer exit paths. In addition, a new fire alarm system was added with new features such as in suite monitoring. The rest of the common areas received new carpet and paint.

The original heat and hot water system was completely replaced, including the associated boiler and chimney. The entire buildings energy consumption is now provided by the ultra high efficiency Trinity Lx gas boiler and hot water heater. This new system requires 10% of the area of the original system allowing for the addition of rental space at the building while consuming approximately 40% less energy. The building's intercom system was also upgraded (including a new panel at the rear) and security camera's added around the building for the safety and protection of tenants.

In each unit, the kitchens were replaced and opened up to the living space. Each unit now has new white cabinets, quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances (including dishwashers), under mount sinks and new lighting. The living areas all have new laminate floors with premium upgraded cork and rubber underlay for enhanced sound insulation. New 4″ baseboard molding was added and the walls were repairs and painted. The bathrooms were taken back to the studs and new bathtubs, sinks and low flow toilets added along with new porcelain tile on the floor and white subway tile added to the shower surround. In addition, the ceiling height was raised above the bathtub and new ventilation added.

Every units original electrical system was upgraded. The old fuse based breakers were replaced with new, upgraded to code, circuit breaker panels. The kitchens now have several electrical outlets connected to ground fault interrupting (GFCI) circuits for enhanced life safety. The bathrooms also now have a GFCI circuit.

In four units, Gordon Nelson worked with the City of Vancouver to increase the number of bedrooms. The net effect is an increase in the rental capacity of the building by 24%.

The penthouse was completed renovated and premium upgrades added to provide an owner-occupied option. In this unit Gordon Nelson added, a new master suite featuring a cedar ceiling, skylight and steam shower, a new 900 sqft cedar deck with glass railing, a hot tub and fire pit, a new living room with raised ceilings, central sound system, pot lights, and a skylight. The deck, master suite, living room, dining room and kitchen all feature unobstructed ocean views.

2254 Cornwall Ave. is now positioned to provide safer accommodation with a lower carbon footprint to 24% more renters in the world-class kits beach location.

Before Renovation

During Renovation

After Renovation

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