Carmodity offers token leasing to customers. Token leasing is where a customer leases an asset through Carmodity. This can be a car, boat, house, coffee machine or anything else. The asset is then split up into individual LeaseTokens, then sold on Every month when lessees make their lease payments, it is split up between all the LeaseToken owners.

Carmodity’s goal is to help transition the world from a debt-based economy to an asset-backed one, one car at a time. They are creating new ways to diversify wealth. Customer experience is at the core of everything they do. The experience of the end-user is as important as the products and the services they offer. They create new opportunities for their customers by allowing them to have flexibility with their lease.

Carmodity Leasing creates new possibilities of mobility for people who otherwise would not have the opportunity. Their leasing rates are very competitive, along with very flexible application requirements. Their flexible payment plans, allows users to pay your car payment when it works best for you.